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Getting an impartial assessment of your screenplay before you send it out to the industry is vital. Without that insight your script may not just get passed over, it may also damage your chances of getting producers to read anything else that you write.

I’ve been reading scripts and providing feedback professionally for over two decades. I have a range of services that cover most needs that writers have – from providing an impartial coverage report, to giving notes, to polishing your script for you.

I look beyond simplistic story paradigms, and address the elements that are really at work in your script – whether it’s a feature or TV pilot – and look at how to strengthen them. l’ll help make your story compelling, and your pages error free.

If you have any questions, or if the services below don’t cover your needs, please get in touch and we’ll work something out!

I look forward to helping you!


Coverage Report


Studio coverage is usually never seen by the writer, but knowing how the industry will view your script can be eye-opening.

I'll write a logline, ballpark the budget, and rate the strengths and weaknesses of your premise, plot, characters, dialogue, description, structure, formatting, originality, marketability - as if I was reporting for a producer. Unlike standard coverage, I won’t write a synopsis (as you already know the story), but I’ll give more extensive notes than are usual on how to make improvements.

Finally, I'll give the standard industry rating: Pass, Consider, or Recommend.






It's easy to miss errors in our own work, but typos, grammatical errors and formatting mistakes will make you look like an amateur, and weaken the impact of your script.

I'll fix those glitches, and return your script as a clean PDF, and Final Draft file.

I'll also report on other issues that affect the read - confusing character names, over-long action blocks, too many widows and orphans, etc - and make suggestions about how to deal with them.




Script Notes


Is your concept compelling? Do the scenes hold the reader's attention? Are there stakes? Is there conflict? Do your characters have agency? Is your dialogue motivated?

Here's where I really get inside your writing. I'll examine elements from the concept and story design, to plot and characters, to tone and genre conventions.

I'll provide in-depth analysis of what's working, what isn't, and give you concrete, actionable steps you can take to improve your screenplay.






Sometimes the best way to solve issues in a screenplay is to talk about them.

A conversation allows me to ask questions about the reasoning behind your choices, it allows you to ask questions and get clarification about the problems that I see, and it allows us to discuss the pros and cons of possible solutions.

I allow 90 minutes for a consultation, usually in a single block, which we'll arrange once your script has been submitted.




Script Polish


Even great stories can suffer if the writing doesn't come off the page.

Word choices must be strong. Images must be clear. Sentences must be concise.

Without changing story beats, I'll attend to the stylistic and grammatical elements that affect the experience of the reader.

I'll correct mistakes, improve word choices, simplify cluttered sentences, tweak moments, reformat to make the page easy on the eye, and where necessary I'll address issues in dialogue.

You'll receive a PDF of your script, and a Final Draft document with all the changes noted.




Scripts should be no longer than 120 pages, and be submitted in PDF format. Other files types can be accepted, but may take longer to process.

Files are uploaded on the order page, or can be emailed after checkout.

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